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Hoists, Trolleys and Beam Clamps

Hoists and lever pullers are used for lifting and hoisting loads, equalizing loads being lifted, pulling loads and securing loads so they have great versatility. Depending on what you want out of a chain hoist or lever puller we have the product that suits your needs.


At the high end of chain hoists you have units manufactured by Columbus McKinnon like their Manual Series 646 Cyclone Chain Hoist with Aluminum bodies or their Series 640 Long Handle Lever Puller with Aluminum bodies. These units have long life cycles in the field when used properly and maintained regularly. The purchase price might be higher than other brands or types, but if you are looking for a strong, lightweight unit that will last for years, these two series will provide what you want.

If you are looking for a more economical chain hoist, the CM Series 360 Hurricane Chain Hoist is an excellent unit. In today's industry where periodic inspections, testing and re-certifications are required, we are seeing a lot more demand for low cost but still very good quality lever hoist and manual chain hoists. Many customers requesting these units still want the brand name so should something happen they have a reputable manufacturer/supplier to rely on for help. In many cases they know that the units are being used in areas where they won't be available for periodic inspections and recertifications or used in areas and applications where longevity of the unit is not a possibility, therefore they require a low-cost model that can be disposed of and replaced for significantly less money.

In the good quality import chain and lever hoists we supply, we offer units both with and without Overload Protection depending on the customer's preference.