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Industrial Rigging Services

  • Inspection and Testing
    (Wire Rope Slings, Chain Slings and Synthetic Slings)

    We offer in-house inspections and testing for wire rope slings, chain slings and synthetic slings (flat and round) as per industry standards. Our horizontal test bed can pull to maximum of 250,000 lbs and inspected and calibrated yearly by the manufacturer. Visual inspections are performed and written notes are provided that state our findings. We provide a price for any repairs, modifications, replacements required as well as the cost to have them proof tested, tagged and recertified.

    We do not simply perform visual inspections as often times lifting products pass a visual but fail when proof tested. A visual inspection is a good start to help reduce the risk of a failure but proof testing the gear afterwards is the best option for periodic inspections. Many companies offer visual inspections on a yearly basis, but do they actually provide you a certificate stating the items they inspected or recertified?

    When we inspect and test lifting slings, shackles, hooks and other products we actually retag them with all pertinent information on our tags and provide our customers with a Certificate of Testing which we keep on file at all time.

  • Wire Rope Sling and Assembly Manufacturing

    We manufacture single leg and multi-leg wire rope slings for lifting up to 1-1/2" in diameter. We use a Flemish eye mechanical splice only as it is the industry standard. We also manufacturer various other lifting, pulling and securing assemblies for construction, roll-off and recovery trucks, equipment movers, crane rental, engineering firms, contractors, automotive sector, tool and die, machine shops and mining to name a few of the industries who use our services. If you use lifting slings in your day to day business, we can help you and provide you with peace of mind that our quality is meant for serious lifting application. Give us a call or stop in to see how we manufacture our wire rope slings.

  • Chain Sling and Assembly Manufacturing

    We have a complete line of Grade 100 chain and fittings in stock to manufacture chain slings on a moments notice. The range of sizes we carry is from 9/32" (1/4") to 3/4" chain and fittings, however we do also stock some 7/8" Grade 80 chain and fittings for some of our customers. When larger chain diameters are required (1" and 1-1/4") we bring in the products from our supplier, and then we manufacture the chain slings and test them in-house. All chain new chain slings we manufacture are 100% proof tested in-house and come with a Certificate of Testing. We also only use quality fittings from reputable manufacturers known world wide and the chain we use in lifting applications is made in USA.

Custom Lifting Products

We also supply various sizes and styles of lifting beams, spreader beams and coil grabs.

If you require a custom lifting device we can help you. Please give us a call at 519.624.9697.

Quality is our primary concern for your satisfaction

We look forward to helping you with your future requirements for lifting, securing and rigging.