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Other Fittings and Accessories

This category covers many different types of wire rope, chain and synthetic sling accessories either built into the assemblies or as add-ons to the lifting slings. Not all products in this category are for lifting applications as they may only be suitable for cargo securement or other applications.


If you are currently using machinery eye bolts, it is very important to understand how to derate them when being pulled in plane at an angle compared to Swivel Hoist Rings which provide the full working load limit even at angles. These products are heavily used in the automotive, machine shops, tool and die and manufacturing industries. There are also several different type of turnbuckles; whether you need eye & eye, jaw & jaw, hook & hook, or a combination of two different styles, we can help you.

Pad eyes, eye nuts, chain/regular and jaw end swivels, zinc coated and stainless steel quick links and snap hooks are also available. Multiple types of steel master links, oval, round and pear shape are also available in this section as well galvanized wire rope thimbles, aluminum and copper sleeves and buttons. There is also a vast selection of wire rope swaged terminations as well as poured spelter sockets used in lifting and securing which we do for wire rope end terminations. We also have lifting magnets which are used in many machine shops and manufacturing plants. Magnets are used on flat plate steel and also round steel bars and pipes. They are very easy to use and quick for picking and placing loads safely.

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