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Synthetic Rope

There are many types of synthetic ropes on the market and, depending on your application, different options are available. The majority of the rope we supply is not for heavy lifting applications but rather general purpose.


The yellow rope often seen on construction sites tying down tarps, restricting access to areas, etc. is often yellow polypropylene 3 strand rope. We also sell 3 strand nylon; polyester white rope; and solid braid rope; and both of the latter are softer to handle and stronger than the yellow polypropylene.

We also supply sash cord, manila rope and Dyneema rope assemblies for ATV winches and other off-road vehicles with winches. The Dyneema rope we offer is stronger than steel and ideal for outdoor and off-road enthusiasts because of its strength and how easy and neatly it winds on the winch. We also have access to many kinds of arborist ropes, so if you are currently using rope, chances are we can help with your needs.

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