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Plate Clamps

Plate clamps are great tools for lifting up plate steel from the horizontal or vertical positions. There are also clamps for lifting steel drums, steel pipe and even non-marring clamps for products that cannot be scratched or marked in any way.


There are many different types of clamps so it is important to read and research what it is you need to make sure the clamp selected is right for the application you have - you need to make sure it has the proper jaws for the material you are lifting, turning or transferring.

If you require a vertical plate clamp for lifting harder plate, you will most likely require a clamp with a jaw that can handle hard plate. If you are lifting stainless steel plate, there are special jaws you can order in your plate clamp which are specifically design to be used for that application. If you need a plate clamp that will have a side load at some point, there is also a clamp to handle some side angles to a certain degree. A universal eye is also available on certain clamps.

Make sure you speak with someone who is familiar with plate clamps or at least knows where to get you the information you may require to make the best decision in selecting the proper plate clamp for your application.

Product Information

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