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Forged turnbuckles are used in various applications and are to be used strictly for straight or in-line applications.

They are great to use for line tensioning, support, guying and even lifting as long as the application is straight or in-line and you are using rated turnbuckles.


The three main types of turnbuckles are Jaw & Jaw, Eye & EYE and Hook & Hook. With these three types of turnbuckles the end fittings can be interchange (within the same manufacturer) to create different configurations such as Jaw & Eye, Jaw & Hook, Eye & Hook and Jaw & Hook. Always ensure the turnbuckles you are using are suitable for your application and are manufactured with a brand name of a reputable company.

Turnbuckles come standard with Lock Nuts, however some manufacturer's turnbuckle do not and they need to be ordered separately. End fittings of turnbuckle should be 'quenched' and 'tempered' and the bodies 'normalized' for the best performance and durability.

Proof Loading of turnbuckles if required should be done at 2-1/2 times the Work Load Limit and the have a 5 to 1 design factor and this is based solely for the brands we sell into the market.

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